>Beach Combing

>Fantastic finds can be made at the beach without the aid of a medal detector. All sorts of debris is washed up or left behind. From rocks and bottle glass, to a sharks tooth or a “My Little Pony.”

Hit the beach and make a project of searching for treasure. Build it up with talk of treasure all the way to the beach. It’s all about perceived value and the better you say it’s gonna be, the better it will be assuming you’ve got enough game to keep the fun rolling when you get to the beach. If you don’t, take someone who does. Everything counts as treasure when it’s found. Trash can go in the dumpster when you leave the beach and you’ll have done the sand a service. Below is our last haul. All of it was wrapped in seaweed or buried mostly in sand when we found it, and it stayed sticky until we got a chance to wash it in fresh water. You’re the only one who notices, the kids usually don’t care. Also, they will pick up sticks and seaweed, and even carcasses. My son found and kept the castle wall, “My Little Pony” and the red plastic heart went to his cousin Sara, also on the expedition, and the bucket and shovel went to the youngest member of team.

These are artifacts of one of my personal best days. It was Ocean Beach circa 1994. I went at lunch from San Francisco State and there where ribbons
of gorgeous rock of all different colors. Plus I scored the tooth! I keep this in a cigar box I lined with velvet, and still enjoy opening it to remember that day. Treasure in a box. As promised.

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