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Creating mazes and solving them is great fun for one or more. Design your own mazes and challenge others to solve them.

The easiest way for a beginner maze maker is to first draw (in pencil) the perimeter of the maze, then fill the space with multiple tangent chambers. Now make an opening at the start of the maze by erasing the pencil line, and continue to erase a path through the chambers until you have reached the desired end point. Drawing a short line on each side of each doorway as in the picture can make it easier to see the doorways. For a more difficult maze draw more chambers and change direction a few times before finishing. Now go back and erase false paths. Practice will make this method of maze making quick, and produce a good maze.

The next method is using graph paper. Draw your perimeter as before, make a point of entry by erasing one square of the border line, and now draw your path to the finish of the maze by drawing a hallway from the start point to the finish, leaving openings as you go for false paths. Again, make changes in direction, however, be careful not to cross your own path. Now go back and fill in the remainder of space with the false hallways.

The Maze generator at this link will create a new maze simply by tapping on it. The same site has a great set of Maze links and sample mazes.

Here are a  few downloadable and printable PDFs of mazes. These mazes are over and under style. Have fun, now get lost!

Hard Maze
Intermediate maze
Easy Maze

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