>Tic Tac Toe Magic Trick/ Prediction


Magic tricks are always fun. Here is a great self working trick you can do almost anywhere.

How it will look:
You offer to play a game of tic tac toe, where, you will predict the exact placement of each X and O. Your participant will have complete freedom of choice in their moves, and yet, in the end when you reveal your prediction it is exactly the same as the game you just played!

How its done:
Draw up your prediction as shown at the top of this article in private and fold it or seal it in an envelope. Upon suggesting the game offer it up and set it aside where all can see it. As you prepare your player and audience tell them that like any game of tic tac toe to win you must get three in a row. So the player must play to win and prevent you from winning. Then draw the first X in the center square.

The player then marks an O in any square. And here is the secret! There are only really two possibilities. The player will either mark a corner

 or an inner square.

 If they mark their first O in a corner, you must mark your next X to the next open clockwise square.

If the player marks an O in an inner square,  all of your Xs will be placed in the first open square in the counter-clockwise direction.

The player will always have freedom of choice, and the finished game will always match your prediction. Some extra effect can be gained by turning your prediction so that it is oriented the same as the game you just played as you present it to your audience.
Try it out a few times to convince yourself. And then try it out on an audience!

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