>Uncommon Knots

>The “Loop knot” or “Overhand loop” is the most common knot for a loop both at the end or in the middle of a line. You can go anywhere on the web to find the classic “boy scout” knots. Here are two uncommon and easily untied loop knots.

The first loop is to be tied in the end of a line only. There are many variations on a loop in the end of a line.  The one I’m offering has the advantage of being secure and easy to untie. It has no name that I know of. The Ashley Book of Knots simply gives it number 1044.

The second loop is to be tied in the middle or slack part of the rope between the two ends, also known as the  bite or bight of a line. It is known as the “Harness Loop.” It can be tied in any size rope as small as a fishing line for dropper flies, in a climbing rope as stirrups, or in a large tow line for pulling heavy items uphill or through rough terrain.
Have fun!
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