>Aluminum Can Frisbee


You can make an aluminum can frisbee out of any aluminum can. They fly quite far indoors or out with little practice.
Supplies you’ll need:
1 Aluminum can
Can opener
Heavy duty scissors or tin snips

First empty the aluminum can, meaning drink it, or find a used one even better. Then cut off the top using the can opener.
Next using tin snips or heavy scissors poke a hole about 1 inch from the bottom rim of the can and cut the base of the can off. Careful, this edges are now sharp and will cut your fingers easily.

Now using pliers fold the sharp edge over and into the can, then go over it once more and really flatten the fold.
You are done. To throw it hold it with the top of the can facing away from you and throw it like a football; that is, straight and letting it roll off the fingers as you release it. Have contests and see how far you can make it fly!


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