>Amazing Corks; Magic Trick

>Here is a great party trick. I have seen it done many times in my life but only recently learned the trick. We show it here using two corks, but you can easily substitute rolled dollars, marking pen caps, or any two similarly sized and shaped objects.
The way it appears to onlookers is that the magician shows the two corks. She then places them in the crook of the thumbs of each hand. Then, grabbing the ends of the corks with the thumbs and second fingers of each hand, she amazingly separates her two hands passing the corks right through each other. Spectators are then unable to repeat the magic.

The Trick:

1. Hold the corks in the crooks of the thumbs.

2. Twist your hands in opposite directions so you can take the left hand cork with the right thumb at A and right second finger at B, while taking the right hand cork with the left thumb at C and left second finger at D.

3. Done correctly your hands will give the spectators the illusion that your fingers are linked.

4. Twist your hands in opposite directions and pull your hands apart.

5. The corks have magically passed through each other.

It’s a great quick trick. It can be performed once and set aside, or, presented repeatedly to a group until someone catches on and can have fun with you sharing in the trick.

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