>Grass Whistle


A Grass whistle is a great way to make some noise. If you aren’t lucky enough to be able to blow a schrill whistle you now can with a simple tool; a blade of grass. pick a sturdy piece of grass, as flat as possible and long enough to easily span the distance from the first thumb joint to the second. The blade is held tightly between opposing thumbs first and second joints, and then blown through. It is important to get the positioning just right. A little movement will change the pitch of the whistle. The blade of grass works on the same principle as a kazoo. The grass vibrates between the two thumbs. Set your blade of grass up as in the picture below.

The grass must remain stretched tight. Make your lips thin, press them lightly against your thumbs between the top and bottom joints. Now blow lightly and consistantly. Make the gap between your thumbs bigger and smaller until you find the right spot. This noise will carry for a good distance.

The same trick can be accomplished by blowing through a small “Sun Made” raison box. Tear off the lid flaps, wrap your mouth around the end and blow. The result is a Very loud whistle. Have Fun making noise!
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