>The lolliflower


Just in case someone says I don’t give equal time to the boys and girls, here is a great project for Valentine’s day, Birthday favors etc. The lolliflower. Good looking, fun, and easy to do at any skill level. Any excuse to eat lollipops is a good one right?
Supplies you’ll need:
Red and Green construction paper
A third patterned paper for the center of the flower
Lollipops (small)
Small hole punch (or something to push a hole for the “stem”)
1. Cut 3 similar hearts from the red paper
2. Cut  1 leaf ( for the note)
3. Cut a 4 pedaled pattern for the center top
4. Punch a hole for the stem of the lolli in all the pedals and leaf
5. Arrange pedals and leaf with the leaf on the bottom, then the 3 hearts equally fanned out and finally the 4 pedaled pattern on top
6. Push the lolli through the center
7. Tape the lolli in place from the bottom
8. Write your note on the green leaf now or before assembly
Now you’ve done it. Pretty, fun and sweet. Just like you!
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